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Gasthaus Desserts at WAVE3

In case you missed it, here are some pictures from today’s visit to the WAVE3 studios. Voice Tribune writer Angie Fenton was the next guest, she’s in picture #5.

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not my best attempt at a panorama, but you get the idea, right?

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Annemarie on WAVE3

Annemarie Greipel, the owner of the Gasthaus, will be presenting her dessert creations during a LIVE segment on the John Ramsey Show: Live on 725, on WAVE3 TV Monday, April 11, 2011 at 12:30pm. Check it out!

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LIVE show

The WAVE3 LIVE show was a success!!  Cindi and her crew showed a nice slice of what the Gasthaus is all about: great food and a warm atmosphere.  Joining us for this special event were family and loyal customers who have become friends of our family.  Even Santa paid us a visit, handing out gifts to the guests.

There was only one problem. Annemarie’s presentation of the making of Feuerzangenbowle , a drink, didn’t quite light up like she was expecting.  The presentation requires rum with a high alcohol content to be ignited as it soaks in a cone of sugar.  Unfortunately, Nina handed Annemarie the wrong rum right before the show came back from commercials.  This mistake  prevented the flame from shooting up in a dramatic display.  Although that was probably best since it might have been dangerous.  Later that evening a customer, who had seen the show, brought us a bottle of Bacardi 151, the same rum we had bought and mistakenly not used.  

Here are some pictures: 

Thanks WAVE 3 for coming!

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