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500th Anniversary of the “Reinheitsgebot”


Did you know that today Germans may be celebrating one of the oldest food-quality regulations in history?

Five-hundred years ago today, on April 23, 1516 the Bavarians formed the Purity Law, which allowed beer to be brewed only with water, barley and hops. This law, called “Reinheitsgebot” in German, was only slightly adjusted in 1987 when a European Court repealed the purity law and allowed ingredients such as yeast and wheat.

The measure, however, was not intended to brew a purer beer. In times of food scarcity the government simply wanted to stop beer brewers from using the more valuable grains such as rye and wheat, which were needed for bread production.

Some of the tasty beers that use yeast and wheat in their brewing we also have at the Gasthaus: Franziskaner, Ayinger Ur-Weisse, Erdinger Crystal, Aventinus

But with the formation of the European Union German beer brewers felt the pressure to keep up with the market offering a larger variety of beer flavors that could not be achieved with brewing according to the Purity Law.  You may now find beers flavored and bottled with Cola, Orange, Lemonade etc. While the flavors may not be according to the Purity Law, the beer mixed with it still is.

It always comes as a surprise to my fellow Americans, but Germans also mix their beers with soft drinks and pieces of fruit. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s actually quite tasty. Provided that you use good German beer, you can mix a dark beer, like an Alt Bier, with cola. A Pilsner with Sprite or Fanta and a Wheat beer with pieces of cocktail fruit. 

Alster: Pils with Sprite
Krefelder: Alt with Cola
Kalter Kaffee: Cola with Fanta (looks like cold coffee)
Radler: Pils with Fanta
Dreckigen: Pils with Cola (called the Dirty One, because the Cola will flake and settle in the beer)                                                                                                                                                          Alt Schuss: Alt with Malzbier

Hope you enjoyed these facts. Prost!


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Exciting Days @Gasthaus

Gasthaus in the news

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In the Courier-Journal

We were excited to see our food featured in the Courier-Journal again. To see for yourself, click here:

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Big News

raffleflyerFREE DESSERT!!!!

On Thurday, December 18, 2008 we are celebrating our 15 th anniversary!!! Please come and join us.  Each diner will get a free dessert.*

*no Strawberry Napoleons will be available that day, reservations are strongly recommended.

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Lemon Roll recipe in the COURIER-JOURNAL

Please check out the features section of the Courier-Journal on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 and see how Annemarie makes the delicious Lemon Roll.

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Vote for us!!

We are already known for our delicious food, home-made desserts and cozy atmosphere. But don’t you think that we should be known for Louisville’s most romantic restaurant as well? We have already been voted “Best German Restaurant” in, let’s not stop there. Please click here and vote for us as “Best Romantic Restaurant” on the WLKY site. Sorry, no prizes for voting, just hoping for your support. 🙂 Thanks.

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Closed today due to weather

Dear friends of the Gasthaus. We are closed today, March 8, 2008, due to snow. We hope to reopen again on Tuesday. Stay safe!


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