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Karneval !!!

Dear blog readers!  

This next week is an eventful week in Germany !! The Carneval season has kicked in high gear all over Germany with its parades, masquerades, foolish behaviors and colorful festivities.

Carneval, or Karneval as it’s spelled in German, officially starts on November 11 at 11:11 am when Karneval Comittees start organizing the activities for the “Fifth Season.”  The date and time for the start of Karneval has long-standing historic significance in that the number “11” is one number more than the 10 Commandments and one number less than the 12 Diciples of Christ. During the Middle Ages the number eleven was considered the number of Fools.

But while Karneval officially starts in November no one really notices any activity until the last Thursday before Lent (which was yesterday, Feb. 11).

The first sign of foolishness appears that Thursday, also called “Weiberfastnacht”, or Fat Thursday .  That day is rather hard to explain, all I remember was when we were young girls we’d cut off pieces of boys’ shoe laces and often try to snip off some piece of our teacher’s ties (that never worked, but I recall getting a teacher’s shoe lace once).

If you want to get an idea of Fat Thursday activities, watch this video here.

The next big day is Rosen Montag, which is a day of parades, TV Shows, heavy drinking (surprise here) and more wacky costumes.  Generally, the televised parades feature large, colorful floats that poke fun at politicians.  The candy that gets thrown from these floats is called “Kamelle” and people often try to use the inside of umbrellas to catch them.

Schools are closed on that Monday. The cities with the most activity and biggest parades have traditionally been Mainz (which is Louisville’s sister city), and the Cologne area, which includes city of Düsseldorf.

The carneval greeting in Mainz is Helau and in Cologne is Alaaf.

But it is all over on Ash Wednesday with the start of Lent.

Until then HELAUUUUU, and ALAAAAAF!!

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Vote for the Best German Restaurant in the USA????

….and hopefully we are your favorite German Restaurant.  Voting ends September 1, 2009 at midnight. So please vote here:


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In the Courier-Journal

We were excited to see our food featured in the Courier-Journal again. To see for yourself, click here:

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Take-out anyone?

Don’t want to miss your favorite team play in the NCAA tournament? But you still want to enjoy our food? Give us a call at 502-899-7177 and we can prepare your order for you for take-out.  The portions are generous and we can accommodate any size order !

To view our menu, click here.

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Dining al fresco

Sunday’s storm, which brought remnants of Hurricane Ike to the Kentuckiana area, knocked out power to 270,000 households. Five days later as I am writing this more than 100,000 are still without power.
But we are going strong here at the Gasthaus, the only problem we’ve had is we are without air conditioning. But per request by some of our guests we placed tables outside and were able to serve them our yummy food right outside our doors. See pictures:

Waitress Jill serves her customers outside the doors of the Gasthaus.

Waitress Jill serves her customers outside the doors of the Gasthaus.

No oompah music here, but a full moon provided a nice atmosphere.

No oompah music here, but a full moon provided a nice atmosphere.

On Saturday we still had no AC and decided to place more tables outside.

On Saturday we still had no AC and decided to place more tables outside.

We had tables all the way up to Ginna's.

We had tables all the way up to Ginna’s

Do you recognize anyone in this picture?

Do you recognize anyone in this picture?

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Best German Restaurant in Louisville

It’s official!! We’ve been selected the Best German Restaurant in Louisville. As a result of surveys taken by more than 50,000 diners across the country the website WHERE THE LOCALS EAT have selected the top 100 very best restaurants in each of the top 50 cities in the United States and we’re one of them.

Category German Restaurant Winner

Even if you can’t pronounce gemutlichkeit (German for comfortable friendliness), you can most likely say “Gasthaus,” which is essentially the same thing. This authentic eatery proves the saving grace of a surprisingly barren German restaurant scene in Louisville, considering the Bluegrass State’s relatively large German-American population. Decorated haphazardly with knickknacks from the owners’ home in Bochum, Gasthaus radiates with a charm distinctive to family-run operations. A friendly waitstaff dressed in traditional folk costumes adds to the atmosphere as customers are guided through the menu of traditional German cuisine. Chicken, veal, beef and pork dominate the menu in the expected schnitzels, spatzles and stroganoffs, and there are a few vegetarian entrées, as well. Meatless or no, main courses disprove the bland-and-heavy stereotype often attributed to German fare, owing in part to a hint of French influence. Recommended dishes include chicken ragout, beef rouladen and goulash as well as excellent sides such as sauerkraut and pan-fried potatoes. The house-made desserts alone could keep Gasthaus in business, as locals often stop in for a cup of coffee and a slice of apple strudel, fallen chocolate soufflé or one of the ever-changing (and ever-delicious) assortment of rich cake rolls and tortes. Reservations suggested. Beer and German wine available. Serving dinner Tue–Sat. Closed Sun–Mon.



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Having Fun with An Engagement Photosession

Robert and Kelly came to visit Louisville last weekend to finalize some last wedding plans. His sister Nina took the opportunity to shoot some fun engagement photos of the two.  It was their idea to pose in traditional German clothing: Robert in Lederhosen and Kelly in a Dirndl.  Looks like the two are ready for work!!

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Gemuese Fleischtopf

Our new dinner special is the Gemuese Fleischtopf or a German Beef Stew. Tender cubes of beef are cooked in a rosemary red wine sauce and vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. It is served with Spaetzle, our home-made noodles.

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Baking Presentation was a success!!

Yesterday’s baking presentation at the Ky Exposition Center was a success. Annemarie baked several Cherry and Apple Strudels in front of an audience. We think everyone enjoyed the samples of freshly baked strudels. Enjoy these pictures.030708homegardenshow0067.jpg030708homegardenshow0100.jpg030708homegardenshow0119.jpg030708homegardenshow0133.jpg030708homegardenshow0148.jpg030708homegardenshow0153.jpg

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Strudel Baking Demonstration


Join us on Friday, March 7 at 11:00 a.m. when Annemarie will give a baking demonstration at the Trend Appliances Home Garden & Remodeling Show at the Kentucky Expo Center North and South Wing A.  She will make her popular Apfelstrudel.For more info: 

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