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Affentaler Pinot Noir

We’d like to recommend a wine, we’ve added to our wine selection:
Affentaler Spatburgunder – a German Pinot Noir from the Baden region. The wine presents a perfect interplay of fruit, tannins and a delicate, balanced sweetness. It pairs well with heavy pasta dishes, beef and veal.
Besides the bottle having a fun design, the story behind the name “Affental” is even more interesting.
Affental means Monkey Valley, but don’t think there are any monkeys residing in Germany’s wine regions. The name comes from the Cistercian monks who first began cultivating Pinot Noir there over 700 years ago. They built a chapel near the vineyards and their cries of “Ave Maria” led the locals to call it the Ave Tal (Ave Valley). Over time this mutated into “Affental.”
Glass $12/ Bottle $42

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