GASTHAUS: got 'kraut?

Louisville's ONLY German Restaurant

Live Accordion Music Tonight!!! 1/16/14


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  1. Never will go back will continue to go to eiderdown I’m German had dad and mom in from Atlanta friend have gift certificate for my 40th got there 16 mins after opened was told rudely we can not seat u people till 7:30 then after dinner dessert menu had post it note on it Oma’s kutchen not on so we all said no thanks server very rude said do u even know what kutchen is it cake and we have lots of cake wow whatever bad taste never will give that place my money good luck to u people with attitudes should not be in service industry serving people paying

    Comment by Jennifer | January 19, 2014 | Reply

    • Dear Jennifer.
      We regret that your visit to the Gasthaus was not what you had expected.
      Upon arriving at our Restaurant, on a very busy Saturday night, you were politely told that we did not have any tables available until at least 7.30pm. After a short conversation you decided to add your name to our, already long, waiting list and return a little later.
      Less than 10 mins. after your return you and your party were seated.
      As for the “kutchen?” this seems to be a misunderstanding. The word “Kuchen” means “Cake” in German. Most cakes or Kuchen have another description like Apfelkuchen (Applecake) Erdbeerkuchen, (Strawberry cake) Käsekuchen (Cheesecake) etc. and there is not really one cake called “Kuchen”. It’s just a general term.
      Our family has owned and operated the “Gasthaus” since 1993, we love what we do and take great pride in everything we do. Our staff who are mostly family members are never rude to our guests and we never refer to any one “as you people”.
      Once again we are sorry you were not happy at the Gasthaus.

      Annemarie Greipel

      Comment by Annemarie | January 21, 2014 | Reply

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